B"H | Monday 23 Tevet 5780 | 1.20.2020

Shlager.info (created by Shlager.net) was founded to provide a broad and diverse information base for the general surfing public and Hasidic music fans to which music is close to their hearts.

The site serves as a regularly updated platform for the best articles and breaking news from Israel and around the world with galleries, video and audio clips, concerts, events, assistance for musicians and the general public, graphic services and much more.

Every month the site hosts singers and artists who update our readership on what is happening in the world of Hasidic and Jewish music.

The editorial and technical staff makes every effort to improve the site and make it modern and professional while making the surfing experience user friendly.

The Site Team is committed to bringing you the news, current affairs and information in the best, most professional manner. We will be happy to hear any complaints advice, request or comment by e-mail: editor@shlager.info.

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